#1 Ask yourself "What if?"

Be sure to do this in a positive way! Don't fall into the "What if this doesn't work?" trap. This is for you to start reconsidering all of the possibilities again. If you think the best way forward is option A or option B, often times it's the undefined space between the two the offers the best solution. How can you make the impossible, possible?


#2 Give yourself constraints

Hold up, Candice. Isn't this the opposite of #1? Yes, yes it is. Why am I seemingly contradicting myself? Surprisingly,  this exercise can jumpstart your creativity by forcing you to narrow your focus. This can block out any distractions that might crop up during creative exploration and allow you to find a solution hiding in plain sight. As a writer, you could limit yourself to using only verbs, as an artist, challenge yourself to only use simple, basic shapes. These are just a few examples.

#3 Think Less

This is #2's cousin. Put constraints on your logic to free yourself from linear thinking. Get silly! Doodle with your eyes closed, make up a ridiculous story using random objects. Don't think too hard just go with it! Perhaps you'll have a bit of fun in the process!

#4 Make a Note

Do you ever get an amazing idea in the shower, or perhaps whilst driving down the road? Carry a small notebook around with you so you can capture these ideas in the moment. You can also use it to record random bits of inspiration that you happen come across as well.

#5 Take a Walk

Get your blood flowing and step away from your work to gain a fresh perspective! Not only will you gain the benefit of some exercise, studies have shown that a walk will help you generate more creative ideas than sitting and that the effects of walking on your creativity will linger. So get moving (and don't forget your notebook!).


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