Candice & Jen’s delectable picks for foodies & culinary adventurers

The Lodge® Cast Iron Cookbook | Pam Hoenig

I don’t know about you, but my cast iron skillet has a permanent home on my kitchen range. It lends an unmatched flavor to foods that can’t be replicated, especially desserts! The “Desserts, Biscuits & Breads” section is chock-full of sweet, crispy, caramelized goodness with down-home recipes like blueberry-ginger-peach upside-down cake with ginger whipped cream to traditional French desserts like the cherry clafouti, a gorgeous dessert that can be prepped, baked, cooled, garnished and ready to serve in one hour.

Bobby Flay Fit | Bobby Flay with Stephanie Banyas and Sally Jackson

Bobby Flay is just kinda cool, and unlike many celeb chefs, he lacks that pretentious snobby vibe or uber cool kid-ness. He’s just a healthy dude who likes to cook and has awesome ideas like coconut-curry popcorn, roasted shrimp with salsa calabrese and one of my personal faves, roasted green beans with tomatoes and hazelnuts.

Mediterranean Hot and Spicy | Aglaia Kremezi

If, like me, you enjoy spicy Mediterranean food and funky African dishes but lack the culinary skills to pull it off, this cookbook is for you. From Arab pizza to Calabrian tomato tart, Kremezi actually makes these otherwise difficult recipes doable for inept cooks like myself (Jen).  If you’re ambitious, you may actually be able to pull off the savory cheese, almond and Chile cookies!

The Complete Paleo Slow Cooker | Karen Frazier

Perhaps the best invention in a busy woman’s world is the crock pot or instant pot. There’s nothing better than throwing a bunch of ingredients into the pot, giving it a stir and letting it do its magic. Unlike other slow cooker recipe books, Frazier has come up with creative concoctions that I personally could not come up on my own, such as Argentine flank steak, Thai pork loaf and paleo friendly pumpkin pie pudding with dried cranberries.   

Open Range | Jay Bentley and Patrick Dillon

Jay Bentley and Patrick Dillon capture the adventurous spirit of the West in their stunningly beautiful cookbook that is a work of art in itself and makes this designer (Candice) and foodie swoon. From the delicious Cuban inspired Vaca Frita “fried cow” recipe to the simple Cajun mushrooms with crab, a dish that travelled with Jay all the way from NOLA to his first Montana restaurant, Open Range effortlessly blends a variety of cultural influences with the “essence of Big Sky Country.”


By: Candice E.. Schlautmann & Jennifer C. Kocher

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