We Live & Breathe deadlines here, which some days means we’re eating at our desks.

Our faves?


» Jen Kocher

Kale and Brussels sprout salad in my large purple bowl, and a couple stalks of raw asparagus for an energy boost that supersedes caffeine. (…And whatever candy and/or junk food I can pillage from my co-workers’ desks.)


» Charity Stewart

I’m a fast-food junkie. But if I can’t make it to a drive-thru, I usually have a stash of tuna and crackers in my desk drawer for such occasions. And usually some yummy trail mixes or a granola bar to tide me over till dinner.


» Robert Pederson
Chocolate covered espresso beans or a bag of chips, depending on the type of day I’m having! Or anything from any of our awesome advertisers. We work with some of the best local restaurants and businesses around. Love you guys!



» Steph Scarcliff

Coffee, coffee and more coffee. Or, time permitting, I like to pop out whenever I can — even for a few minutes. I like anything and everything from Los Compadres. It’s right around the corner from our office, has great food and super-fast, friendly service. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more hospitable waitstaff. Ozzy knows what’s up!


» Danielle Hart

My go-to is a protein-type bar or instant cup of soup, as that is the only food I keep in my desk! On a good day, I’ll have fruit or chocolate stashed away.

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