Parenting can be tough, but these apps and gadgets make life easier, so you can reach – and maintain — your superhero status, whether your kid’s a newborn or teen.

Rest Easy
Hatch Baby Rest

Customize your baby’s sleep space with Hatch Baby Rest. Part sound machine, part night light with a Time-to-Rise indicator for your toddler to know when it’s time to get up, Rest is the super-smart, super-cute, do-it-all sleep device that you control from your smartphone. Adjust volume, brightness and style (with fun coverlets), too.


Over 93 percent of parents say they get more sleep with Nanit’s breathing wear technology that tracks sleeping and monitors breathing without any electronics on your baby or in the crib. This innovative gadget mounts above the crib to record your baby’s sleep and analyze it. Then, also offers guidance and tips through the app. 

Label Baby

Need a smart, easy way to label your kids’ stuff? This app-controlled label maker with Bluetooth wireless tech and multiple templates just reinvented label making. Now, you can wirelessly print labels up to 1 inch-wide from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. It’s the perfect baby shower gift for that tidy control freak in your life!


Keep track of anything with Tile Mate, the world’s best-selling Bluetooth mini tracker. It’s the sleek, compact companion for your keys or wallet that uses an easy-to-navigate app to quickly locate your stuff. The Tile Mate can even find your phone. Or your kids’ phones. Again.

Polaroid Zip

Print anywhere with the adorable Polaroid Zip Instant Photoprinter. This pocket-sized device pairs wirelessly to any smartphone (also with the Polaroid Cube+) to instantly edit and print full-color photos from your smartphone or tablet in less than 60 seconds. Bonus: 2 x 3” smudge-proof prints have a peel-off, sticky back for extra fun.

Fun Cubed
Polaroid Cube+

Possibly the cutest, most fun little one-button lifestyle action camera on the market. With a recording capacity of up to 90 minutes, this bad boy captures hi-def video and photos with stabilization and a wide-angle lens, and then uses built-in Wi-Fi to stream and sync to your smartphone or tablet in real time

Stikbot Studio Pro

Stickbots, with suction-cupped hands and feet, can go anywhere, thanks to an included green-screen stage and stop-motion animation app that’s easy to use for everyone. Your little moviemakers can upload their own photos or use included backdrops, add props, toys, music and sound effects to make mini films starring their Stikbots! 

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