A long-awaited adrenaline pumping escape has opened right here in Gillette. It’s the newest destination location, and is a journey all on its own merit. The state-of-the-art extreme adventure park is finally here.

Dream big has always been businessmen and entrepreneurs Brian Ellis and Tom Simons’ motto. Brian, a First Northern Bank of Wyoming mortgage lender by day, shared the idea about a trampoline park with his long-time friend and business partner, Team Properties Group Realtor and entrepreneur Tom Simons. The two have a history of floating out various business ideas – some worked, some didn’t – but they never let that stop them.

Ellis and his fiancé Felicia Porch  went out of town often looking for family-oriented fun activities with their two girls.

“Why are we going out of town and spending our time and money elsewhere? We need something right here in Gillette,” Ellis said. That idea sparked yet another business vision, and he approached Simons with his idea.

“Tom shook his head and just laughed,” Ellis said.

Eventually, Simon got on board as their research and business plans literally took flight. After touring numerous trampoline and adventure parks across the country for almost two years asking questions, taking notes, brainstorming, and as always, dreaming big, the last stop was attending the annual International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP) Conference and trade show in Nashville.

“We met and spoke with the best of the best in the business — experts in their field,” Ellis said. “We swapped stories, ideas, building design concepts even down to the smallest detail, socks, believe it or not. Socks always made the top of the list.”

The two took all they learned on the road home – including socks – as they put together their plans for building their own adventure park in Gillette.

What they built was better than either of them had thought. Upon entering Flight Zone’s front doors, guests are transported inside 360° degrees of eye candy, as visitors struggle to figure out what to look at first.

Typical Laser tag? Not for them.

“Our two-story reality laser arena transports gameplay and imagery to an out-of-world experience,” Simons said. “With state-of-the-art Laserforce GEN 8 interactive jackets and phasers that are fully customizable. Pick your avatar and code name that will be displayed on the 5-inch chest screen, track your game play and move up levels.”

Reality is set aside once you enter the area of fast-moving players, he added, where the mystic of a city is filled with dangers around every corner and enemies to defeat.

“You become one with the landscape. The smoke machines, laser lights and techno music take you to another realm of gameplay reality where you influence characters in a real-time experience,” he said. “It’s truly an unforgettable immersion, interactive gamified experience that will take you to multiple intergalactic dimensions.”

If your kids like jumping on the bed or couch to couch, he added, then it’s “Flight Zone to the rescue!”

With over 15,000 feet of trampolines, including a two-story NINGA warrior course that has multiple levels of  obstacles, three performance trampolines, a wipe out zone, three different height slam dunk basketball hoops, full foam pit with trapeze bar, high jump and launch trampoline to a fully enclosed dodge ball arena. Add to this, the open jump trampolines and two long 50-foot tumbling trampolines.

“Heck, even the walls are trampolines,” he said. “Nights and weekends offer black light events, full light shows and a thumping sound system to keep the party going.”

For those that don’t wish to jump, there is a full arcade with prize redemption.

“You can try your luck at one of the 41 player arcade games, score more tickets and get big prizes from the large redemption area. They have games for all ages and skill levels,” Simons said.

“People are so excited about having another attraction,” he added. “It’s not only for families.”

Along with all the activities for kids, Flight Zone also hosts corporate events, couples, kids’ birthday parties, athletic competitions, gaming experiences and exercise opportunities. With six private party rooms, they can accommodate a variety of special occasions with a multitude of options to choose from.

“It’s meant to be interactive and create that meaningful memory with families, coworkers and friends alike,” he said. “And you won’t leave hungry! Flight Zone offers Hot Stuffed Pizza, burgers, chicken, cinnamon rolls, cookies, appetizers and all kinds of beverages. Parents can relax in one of the many massage chairs or lounge areas and watch the game.”

Porch, an agent at Pat Avery Real Estate, started helping out around Flight Zone before they opened, answering phones and interviewing potential employees. She’s since become a Flight Zone fixture, dubbed events coordinator, a position that keeps her busy.

In the end, their goal is to see families, community members, kids and businesses have the “flight of their life.”

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