How did you guys get your start? We’ve been in business for 67 years, starting in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, and with 45 years in Rozet. My grandpa, LeRoy Townsend, started T&T Guns and Ammo, Inc. and my dad, Allen Townsend, later bought the business. Now my dad, brother, Kelly, and I operate it with our family friend Dan the Gunsmith.

What products and services do you offer? We have an outdoor public shooting range. We carry rifles, shotguns, handguns — new and used. We also carry optics, reloading supplies, black powder, ammo, holsters, Liberty gun safes and more.

What’s a typical day at T&T look like? We open the shop with a fresh pot of coffee and look forward to our first customer of the day. We spend the day putting out new freight, restocking shelves, helping or chatting with customers, repairing guns, sighting in guns on the range and having a great time doing what we love.

When’s your busy season? The fall is our busy season, but during the rest of the year, we’re here to help.

Best part of working with family?
We work well together and we have a great time. We share all the responsibilities, joys and heartaches of running a family-owned business throughout all the ups and downs.

The worst part? It’s hard to do family vacations.

What’s your secret to success? Being honest, fair, and caring about our customers and friends, and of course, loving what we do!

Most popular guy purchases? Can’t say just one! That’s why we stock a large selection – good quality is important!

And for the ladies? They seem to favor the more “pretty guns,” typically handguns in different colors and engraved.

Keeping it fresh? The guys are always trying to think up new tricks to play. We like to have a good time. Allen likes to show people the “can gun,” which literally shoots actual soda cans about 100 yards. Then there’s the ferret/weasel “trick box” that you have to experience for yourself.

What’s your guys’ strong suit? We pride ourselves on being friendly, helpful and going the extra step to satisfy our customers. We often say, “We’re worth the drive.”

By: Stephanie L. Scarcliff with Tamera Townsend

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