Mrs. C’s Catering: The bright orange eatery taking Gillette’s mobile food scene by storm.

This summer, take your plate on a culinary road trip with Mrs. C’s Catering and mobile food truck.

If you want to see what good eats in Gillette really taste like, beyond the typical brick and mortar offerings, you could do worse than a vacant parking lot — as long as Mrs. C’s has parked her 48-foot-long, persimmon orange food truck up in it and owner Carrie Sieh (pronounced “see” or “C’ — get it?!) is at the window cooking up tasty, homecooked goodness, with a smile.

In the city that births energy, the former coal miner said she was rebirthed following a life-altering work injury in 2014.

“I was told I’d never drive again,” Carrie said. “When the doctors said that, after 20-plus years in the industry, I knew my life as a driver was over.”

Where one wall went up, Carrie quickly found a window. Literally.

The mother of four and grandmother of three said the decision to start their family catering and food truck business was both a blessing and a thrill that she and her husband Michael, lovingly referred to as “quality control,” simply couldn’t pass it up.

“For the first time, I was able to take my true passion and God-given talent for food and create a business that, God-willing, continues to grow every year,” she said.

The homestyle foodie franchise is now serving up restaurant-quality eats across the city and state, parking mostly at street fairs, county fairs and food-friendly events and venues.

Carrie credits their hard-earned successes to her authentic meals and flavors and a commitment to genuine and caring customer service.

“Very few events do people not see my face,” she said. Carrie oversees everything from ordering to pricing, prep work on the line, plating and serving, and says she tries “very, very hard” to cater to people who want, need and love home-style cooking.

“We’re out here cooking for good folks and families,” she said. “And we have fun with it! You can taste it. It’s a gift, really, to put foods together that just work and be able to share them.”

Carrie’s a self-taught chef, but you’d never know it. Just take a look at their menu, which offers traditional American fanfare from hamburgers and cheeseburgers to something incredible she calls Smoked, Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf Sandwich and the world’s next quintessential comfort food, Redneck Nachos.

“We’re out here cooking for good folks and families,” she said. “And we have fun with it!”

Mrs. C’s is focused on community engagement, too, working to build year-round demand for their delicious food. At every turn, she’s looking to donate extras to local groups and organizations in need.

“We give to the food kitchen quite frequently,” she said. “Recently, we over-ordered and over-prepared for a Thunder Basin High School food truck student event. We shared our leftovers with Celebrate Recovery at First Assembly of God Church.”

Giving back to the community is important to Mrs. C’s. Carrie recalled just two years ago, when they catered the GARF Chuckles for Charity event, and Mrs. C’s Catering was still very new to the Gillette catering scene. At the time, they had made miscalculations that resulted in them making too much food. “We just gave the rest to GARF to take back to the women and children at their shelter,” she said.

“Everyone seems to love our food,” she continued. “Right now, my signature meat is a java brisket. I created my own coffee dry rub, slather that on and cook it for about 12 hours. It comes out juicy and tender.”

Carrie says her prime rib is a close second, with its light, smoky flavor. “I’ve been told by a group of local cattle producers, the Campbell County Cattlewomen, that it’s the best prime rib they’ve ever had — which is about the best dang compliment I think that I could ever ask for.”

By: Stephanie L. Scarcliff


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