Over a year ago, we noticed something was off: The magazines and articles we were reading and writing were somewhat male-dominated. In response, we chose to focus an entire issue on business-driven Campbell County women. Last March, we rolled out our first Women’s Issue and crowned the inaugural batch of Outliers Creative ELITE 8 Award-winners. Among them, a photographer, an educator, a facilitator, a banker and three entrepreneurial business owners. 

Since, we’ve decided to make a habit of stopping to recognize like-minded women.

The overall goal isn’t to talk more about females achieving. (Although, admittedly, it’s something we love to do.) Instead, we’re talking about women as innovators, doctors, lawyers, artists, strategists and the corporate elite—who they are and what they accomplish, and not just because they’re women.

I wanted our magazine to showcase what local women are contributing to the community, because that’s how I feel we will eventually level the playing field. And I think we’ve accomplished that.

Inside, you’ll find a comprehensive list of predominant women leading in local business. These are the movers and the shakers, who show us what it means to be a woman in the 82717 in this day and age. It’s important to note, we’re not working to empower them. These high achievers have empowered themselves. We’re showing our appreciation for having done that and sharing their success stories with the masses. 

This month, women—and men—can access that same greatness across all our platforms with the second-annual Women’s Issue, where we lift up those who’ve harnessed their own professional hustle to benefit others and the community as a whole.   

To those women not yet recognized—specifically, the 38 of you who were nominated to this year’s honor but not chosen—keep grinding, ladies!

We see you shining.

Stephanie L. Scarcliff, Production Editor

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