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Q&A with the owner of Bonita Beauty

Lezly Delgado has always loved being around makeup. She grew up watching her mom and aunts getting ready and, as a child, remembers the feeling of awe that they inspired in her. She remembers wanting to make other women feel and look beautiful, too, and that feeling never really left her.

Fast forward to years later, and Lezly is doing just that. Recently, we had the opportunity to see her in action and ask her about her successful small business, Bonita Beauty Makeup, located inside Lil Tiffany’s Spa.

Q: How did you get into the makeup industry?

A: It happened organically.  I was living in Hot Springs, South Dakota, and I had made some creative friends, who would put together photo shoots for their businesses and for fun. I was invited to do their makeup, and one of the business owners, who was also a friend, suggested that I pursue makeup professionally.

Q: What made you decide to pursue it?
A: I have always surrounded myself with creative women. I have always felt in awe of all of their creativity and how they were able to make a living doing what they love. Connecting and networking with other women in local business really motivated me to go forward with my career.


Cheyenne Buyert, Makeup: @bonitabeautymakeup

“I always believe the customer is right and I always want my clients to leave feeling happy about the experience.” ~ Lezly Delgado

Q: What is the reward for you in helping women and being a small-business owner?

A: The reward for me is in seeing my clients feel confident about themselves. I always want my clients to leave feeling happy.

Q: So how did you end up in Gillette?

A: The company I was working for was bought out, and I was presented with a choice to either move with them or lose my job. So, I went to Houston with the company for three months to help train new employees and that is when I really decided to go for it and start my makeup business. I had family living in Gillette and decided to move and make my start.

Q: What really pushed your small business forward?

A: I did not give up when others said I wouldn’t be able to make a living as a makeup artist. In 2016, I was contacted by a video production company out of Oklahoma. They were hired to produce work for Springfield Armory and asked if I could be the key makeup artist for the project. I accepted, and with the money I made from that job, I was able to fulfill my dream of going to beauty school and becoming a licensed aesthetician.


Q: What services do you provide at Bonita Beauty Makeup?

A: I provide makeup services for brides, bridal parties, boudoir shoots, prom, family or individuals who are having their photos taken.  I also teach classes one-on-one or small group.  I am also the aesthetician at Lil Tiffany’s Spa, where I offer personalized spa facials.

Q: Tell me a little bit about the gluten-free facial products you use.

A: Our facial products are made from all-natural ingredients. They are gluten-free and are plant- and fruit-based, so I am able to provide that unique service to my clients, especially the ones with sensitive skin issues and allergies to certain chemicals, perfumes, or gluten.

Q: What should you ask before your first facial?

A: I always recommend that clients be very specific about any allergies they may have.  I also tell them to ask around because word of mouth is a great way to find a knowledgeable professional. Lastly, I ask what specific concerns they would like me to address during the facial, such as, dry skin, acne, anti-aging, etc.

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Q: What does the future look like for you as the owner of Bonita Beauty Makeup?

A: This year is full of new projects and collaborations. I will be working to expand my editorial makeup portfolio, which has been one of my ongoing and long-term goals.

“The longer I am here, the more I see my future in Gillette. My dream is to mentor other girls who want to be in the makeup industry. There is more reward in sharing the knowledge with others than only doing it for myself professionally. I would love to see a local makeup community here that supports each other.” ~ Lezly Delgado


Lezly openly admits she struggled with acne in her teenage years, which is why she is so passionate about helping others feel beautiful, no matter what type of skincare struggle they may be facing. She can even help those going through cancer and is looking forward to getting oncology certified, so she can provide service for cancer survivors.

By: Megan K. Huber

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