Recently, I found myself surrounded by some of the most spectacular women I know. Among them, a corporate strategist, a doctor, business owner and the fearless leader of an exclusive “tequila book club.” All of these accomplished Wyoming women are mothers (some grandmothers), and most are hard-working moms.

We shared wine and talked about our lives, work and passions. I was not surprised to hear about their children and grandchildren’s successes over their own, but I was intrigued to find that, at one point or another, each of these celebrated high achievers—incredibly strong, successful business women—downplayed one or more of their hard-earned professional achievements.   

Which got me thinking: Are Campbell County women prone to diluting their awesome? Or is there something in the water that breeds out their need for recognition?   

In the West, we tend to value modesty and collaboration over speaking up and self-promoting. This applies to both men and women. It’s a rare and intangible quality, really. I like to think of it as class.

But we live in the age of the “selfie” and a culture wrought with subconsciously telling women that they cannot achieve at the same level, professionally, as their male counterparts. So, as women in the workforce, how do we push forward?

How do we rise up?

There I was, surrounded by both immense success and the subtle beauty of humility, when it hit me:

Humility is the new black, you guys. But can being humble actually make you a more powerful leader? I believe the answer is yes! Go back and re-read the powerful stories of our ELITE 8 Award winners on page 30. If these women and their lives speak to you and inspire you… I couldn’t agree more.

      Then, pause to consider that each of the eight women awarded exercised an awe-inspiring, modern-day hyper-humility, despite the enormity of their own accomplishments, and looked to acknowledge and encourage the successes of others over their own.

If that’s not sexy, I don’t know what is.

By: Stephanie L. Scarcliff

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