Hormones affect us all. And because our bodies are always changing and evolving, assisting them through every phase of life is key. Now is the time to take our health by the horns and rise to the occasion by honoring our bodies and the amazing work they do for us.

1. Maintain Steady Blood  Sugar Levels

Gain control over hormone health and maintain a healthy weight. Try going low-carb. Carbohydrates (carbs) are what cause blood sugar to rise. One way to achieve blood sugar stability is to eat fewer refined carbs.

2. Up Your Omega 3 Intake

Omega 3’s are not only heart healthy, but also help regulate our hormones, not to mention give us glowing skin and shiny hair. They are anti-inflammatory, promote good brain health, boost mood, and reduce symptoms and the progression of many diseases including diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, autoimmune disease and more.

3. Get More B and D Vitamins

B’s are our energy powerhouse. They also support memory and brain function. Low vitamin D levels can leave us feeling down and at a greater risk of a heart attack, heart failure, stroke, diabetes or high blood pressure later in life. Get/take your vitamins, ladies!

4. Monitor Your Iron

Iron levels are imperative to keeping your hormones in tip-top shape. As women, throughout our lives, we may encounter low iron levels, which can impact energy levels, cause hair loss or easy bruising, and create anemia. If you experience any of these symptoms you may have an iron deficiency, and it may be a good idea to have your levels checked through a monthly blood draw panel or health screening.


5. Drink Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

This tea does wonders for women’s health. I use it regularly. Throughout history, red raspberry leaf tea has been used to support a healthy uterus. Women of all ages and stages, as well as, pregnant women, can benefit from this herbal tea and its ability to tone the uterus.

6. Adaptogens

Stress has a huge impact on our health and hormones as women. Holy Basil and the herb Ashwaganda are two of my favorites. Both available in tea form, they are easy to take along in your bag or purse and enjoy a cup in the afternoon at work or at home.

7. Book That Annual

Annual wellness exams are important for our overall health and wellness. Many new exciting options are becoming available such as thermography and 4-D Mammograms. Make sure to ask your physician about them, along with new guidelines for paps.

8.  Download the My Flo App

Statistics show that 80 percent of women suffer from some kind of hormonal imbalance. This app, created by a woman for women, keeps track of monthly cycles and helps chart ovulation. It offers a calendar with tips on how to gain control over symptoms through diet, exercise and herbal supplements.

9. Exercise More

Regular exercise plays such an important role in our overall health. It also creates a healthy reproductive and hormonal environment.  Exercise helps alleviate stress, and supports a good night’s sleep.

10. Beat Bloating

Increase your water intake and combine with a high-quality probiotic (the more strains the better so read the label). Give coconut water or dandelion tea a try. They are all great ways to get a handle on bloating and help us stay hydrated too!

Did you know CCMH offers daily wellness screenings?

A screening costs well under $50 at the Wellness Department in the Energy Professional Building and can help identify problems to kickstart your new health routine. Contact (307) 688-8051 to schedule or for more information. Hours are Monday through Friday 6 a.m. to 11 a.m.

By: Megan K. Huber

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