Dear Readers:  It’s almost Valentine’s Day, but I’m not going to bore you with the history or talk about it being a contrived holiday backed by all things gift-like. Truth is, it’s a day that brings out the passion in everyone from pre-school children to those of a (hopefully) more mature age.

Sometimes, that passion is in favor of the holiday. I have friends who just love picking the perfect outfit to wear to the perfect restaurant with their perfect partner. Sometimes, that passion is seen as complete disdain for the whole idea.

And, every so often that passion falls somewhere in the middle. I have other friends who feel that honoring their special someone(s) all year long is more appropriate.

My personal opinion lands elsewhere on that spectrum. When I was married, I always remembered to get my husband a Valentine’s Day card and a little gift of some sort. He remembered about half the time. (Of course, this is also the guy who didn’t like celebrating his own birthday and forgot mine regularly.)

My last long-term partner (after I got divorced) was great at remembering all the special dates, including Valentine’s Day. He’d usually make us a super yummy dinner at home and we’d watch a movie while cuddling or go camping, any of which made for a great celebration.


Mostly, though, I feel that you should show your partner the love you have for them all year long. It shouldn’t take a perhaps contrived holiday to tell your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend (or even your kids and parents!) how much you love and care about them. If you do anything on Valentine’s Day, it should be the day you go above and beyond your normal ways of expressing those feelings.

Since I’m currently single, the day will be just another Thursday for me, but I’ll be excited for my friends who do get special treatment, and I’ll share in the sadness of those who didn’t get anything but were hopeful. And I’m absolutely fine with that.

If you don’t have a special someone in your life right now, don’t fret! This may sound weird, but why not treat yourself to something you wouldn’t normally do? There’s that long-overdue massage and facial you keep saying you want. Do that! Remember that beautiful necklace and earrings you’ve had your eye on? Buy them! You haven’t had a girls’ night out with some of your single friends in months. Do that!

Remember, whether you have a special someone or not, there is plenty in life to celebrate. So go on — celebrate in your own way and have a blast!

Ms. Shrefler’s opinions do not reflect the opinions of this publication, or any organizations or agencies referenced within her comments.  Names have been changed to provide privacy.


By: Lisa A. Shrefler for 82717

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