I’m a woman in my mid-50s and I want to start dating again.  I think I’d prefer starting online, but I get nervous about what to write about myself.  What should really be included in an online dating profile about me?


Signed – What to Write




Dear What to Write –



I love this question!  Mostly because I’ve rewritten my online profile about 100 times (a slight exaggeration, but still … a lot!!).  When I first started an online dating profile, I read some of what men had written when talking about their wants in a woman.  I figured that would give me something to base my profile on.  However, I soon realized I was focusing too much on what they wanted instead of who I was.  I was pretending to be someone I truly wasn’t.

My recent profiles, however, have been very straightforward.  Here are a few excerpts to give you an idea:

“… I am a woman of integrity …” [this seems to be one of those traits that are highly valued but rarely seen in so many men and women today, so if it fits you, share it!]

“… I color my hair and wear fake fingernails, but the rest is absolutely real …” [might as well be completely upfront – at our age, no one should care, but you’d be amazed at how often guys feel you’ve ‘lied’ to them for some reason, so put it out there!}

“… I will never be a skinny woman, but I do eat healthier now than I ever have and get more exercise…”  [this lets the guy know that if he’s looking for a trophy girl, I’m never going to be her; plus, if this IS what he’s looking for, he’s too shallow for me!}


In addition, I do add fun things including hobbies, interests such as camping, going for walks and/or long drives … you get the idea.

Most importantly, you should be 100% honest with describing who you are, as well as what you are looking for in a match.  PLEASE don’t join the ranks of those woman (and men) who ‘pad their resume.’  It is disrespectful not only to yourself, but to potential matches.

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