Gumption. As a community, we’ve got it; the energy, wit and wisdom to enterprise. There’s no question about it. Together, we’ve pioneered the West, endured challenges of the boom and bust cycle and continue to combat the once-unprecedented hurdles still facing Powder River Basin coal.

As a lifestyle brand, we’re working hard to always represent the same goals and values as the community we endorse. To do this well, we’re called to innovate and adapt.

Not that you needed me to point this out, but we’ve got a new look. In fact, this month, we’re rolling out our fresh and exciting makeover in 82717 Life Magazine and online at Most notably, we’re featuring news stories and viewpoints (that you’ve told us you want to see) alongside those iconic topics — like Life, Home, Culture, Money, Family and Health — that make us the city’s source for timely, locally-relevant content.

On the website, you’ll find the revamped homepage with larger, bolder images and more saturation up top. We’ve also chosen to include past issues, so you can check us out whenever you like and are guaranteed not to miss a beat. We’re placing new focus on easy, reader-friendly feedback opportunities, too, so you can contribute and engage like never before, and share us with friends.

The change comes in celebration with the magazine’s recent one-year anniversary (thank you, Gillette), and we’re stoked to continue expanding the range of important stories immediately available to you — our epic readers — both when you pick us up and visit the site.


We’re also boasting heightened online capacity, which is important, in part, because of a series of big stories we’re going to be covering over the next few months, including an exclusive exploration into an oil and gas drilling organization’s local production, and the industry’s overall economic impact. 

But that’s not all I’m excited to be sharing with you. Our annual Love Issue, the January / February 2019 edition of the pub, features intriguing love stories of the feline – and human – varieties by new 82717 contributor and award-winning journalist, Jen Kocher.  We’re thrilled to have her onboard. Find her thoughts on page 19 and 35.

Up next, we’ll bring our own, exclusive videos into the spotlight, where we’ll showcase local CEOs, entrepreneurs and influencers, as well as share our editor’s top picks and inside tips for living large in the 82717.

Stephanie L. Scarcliff, Production Editor

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