Let’s be honest, how many of us have a fashion budget?  Maybe for a winter coat, or new sandals for summer—but for holiday party outfits?  Probably not.  And how many of us want to spend a couple hundred dollars on an outfit for a work party, to spend time with people we, honestly, may or may not even like?  Most likely, even fewer of us.   However, we do want to feel fabulous and use what we wear to inspire us to be even more fabulous. 

Bring on the work parties. Bring on the sparkle. Bring on the overindulgence-on a dime.

This town has a treasure trove of terrific thrift and hidden gem consignment stores. For people like me, the people who love the quality of Keen shoes, real leather belts, and Miss Me jeans, but hate the department store price tags, you are my people. The frugal, the quirky, the hunters of good deals.  An afternoon scouring consignment and thrift stores for the perfect sweater, while subsequently picking up a dozen dime books or finding that vintage photo frame you never knew you needed, is the best therapy, retail or otherwise. 

 While you’re on the hunt, stop and ask Scott Engler about the history of the building of Value Villa.  His family has owned and operated this cache of frugal goodness since the 80’s after a myriad of rough and tumble businesses called that location home.  Now, it hosts a multitude of options for the kindred spirits of the thrifting world.   With tag sales every day, name brand garb is up for grabs, filling your need for high end with low pocketbook ache.

Find what attire shows off your favorite version of you. 



Calvin Klein sleeveless medi sheath dress ($12.50), Wild Pair heels ($12.50), satin envelope clutch  ($5.35


Value Villa floor-length strappy evening gown with allover metallic starburst embellishments ($25.60),  vintage clutch ($5.35), simple heels ($8.50)

The Treasury New and Old


Carolyn Taylor Sweater ($9),
American Eagle square neck
tank top ($2) and colored
denim ($4), maurieces ankle
buckle bootie ($18), fashion
necklace ($5), assorted
bracelets ($3 each).


Silver Jeans ($20), boots ($10),  Kohl’s belt ($3), xcarf ($2), necklaces ($5), Alloy sweater ($12)


BKE shirt ($4), sweater ($8), hat ($2), shoes ($3), belt ($2), American Eagle jeans ($10), watch ($2).


Seconds on the Avenue red hot short sleeve sweater dress ($3.50), faux leather buckle cinch belt ($1.50), single string jet-tone beaded fashion necklace ($8), super opaque tights ($2), and tall riding boots ($7).


Back to the Rack Miss Me bell-sleeve embroidered sweater top ($23), straight-leg denim ($16), Weeboo Beverly-05 over knee thigh high heel point boots ($20), Micheal Kors leather handbag ($40). 

 Shopping thrift is the easiest way to find exactly what that may be.   Take a photo, take a screenshot, and use those for inspiration.  This holiday season, rock the thrift shops and go spend that extra cash doing what makes you happy.

Back to the Rack is the place to go for the crowning opportunity to be creative with your style.  Retro fashions, new looks, leather coats, and the never leaving, neverending styles of Dr. Marten, Coach, Levis, and more, serve more of a purpose than just attire.  Your style gives you the ability to show what makes you, you, in a glance.   When you feel good about what you wear, you walk a little taller, with your chin a little higher, and with an energy that shines. 

Shopping consignment makes confidence flow a little smoother, a little more freely, with the knowledge you didn’t just spend your grocery budget on a new handbag, and you can still rock name brands and look and feel like a million bucks.  The new owners, Shyla Cundall and her husband have been diligent since May of 2016 in creating an environment in which you can browse, get inspired, and walk away with a vision of your desired self in hand.

Shopping has never felt so good.  Seconds on the Avenue and The Treasury Things New and Old are key elements to supporting and providing help to those in need.  Seconds supports the funding of the Council of Community Services’ various assistance programs from the Soup kitchen to rental assistance-with every dollar spent you know you are helping house or feed a family.  If supporting Second Chance Ministries is more up your alley, The Treasury is the place to go.  Providing funding for sending groups to assist in local disasters and those in other communities in need is their distinctive goal.  Not only do you get to thrift to your heart’s desire for vintage jewelry, high-end Harley accessories, and more pairs of winter boots that you can imagine—you’re supporting wonderful causes. 

Shopping for a cause, what could be better?  Doing your part to save the world is up there, too.  It’s not quite shopping to save the world, but knowing the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters on the planet, and in my hippie, tree-hugging mind, one piece bought second-hand saves one piece from going in the landfill.  If we all do one piece, one part, we can make a difference.

Finding pieces for the next Pinterest-inspired outfit comes together from the rows and rows with ease, but maybe not all in one day – and that’s the beauty of it.  Today’s sweater combined with tomorrow’s boots find may be exactly what your heart desires. 

With a mix of thrift and consignment, local stores have something for every party of the season, whether it’s at the bowling alley or the local steakhouse.  So, get out there, find what inspires you and start the hunt.  You never know what you find that you didn’t know you always needed, on a budget that even the most frugal will love.

By: Felicity A. Sjostrom for 82717

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