Most mornings when I’m at home, rain (snow) or shine, in the hours before the rest of the house begins to wake, you can find me taking in the silence… and the day’s first cup of coffee. 

A product of my loving grandparents’ influence, over 15 years in the making, I wake up early. 

You see, my Grandma Olive, God rest her soul, was a part of the long-lost generation of women, attentive wives, who cared for their husbands.  Literally.  Each day, she woke up 20 minutes before my Grandpa Jack to start a pot of coffee.  It was a small, but consistent and ongoing expression of her love and appreciation for him, and the important work he did to support the household.

Grandpa worked in the motion picture industry, constructing movie sets for Hollywood blockbusters like The Wizard of Oz.  (How cool is that?)  He rose before the sun, had a cup of Joe, or two, and went about his business.  A tradition they carried on, together, long after he had retired.  A legacy, if you will, he passed on to my father, who passed it along to me. 

To that end, the photo our talented photographer, Adrianna, captured of me recently, coffee in hand, seems especially fitting.  Particularly considering that this issue, our November / December 2018 Holiday Edition, marks the one-year anniversary of 82717 Life Magazine.  And, what a year it’s been!

We’ve shared our insights on hyper-local topics and events from relevant and timely stories about hunting and politics to parenting and partying, and everything in between. 

We’ve tackled pertinent health issues and challenged you, our readers, to think outside the box.  We’ve celebrated some of our city’s most influential and up-and-coming women including our first-annual OC Elite 8 Award winners.

Not too long ago, I can recall sitting down with a latte to pen my first, introductory Letter from the Editors of 82717 Life.  In it, I spoke about a few of our core team members and our shared excitement to implement a vision for this work. 

These days, the gang’s all (still) here, and we continue to grow and to become even better and stronger than ever.  As we look towards the new year and the wealth of possibilities it brings, we humbly thank and appreciate our loyal advertisers and each and every one of you (yes, you!) who take the time to read our little lifestyle monthly, in print and online at 

If I could share a coffee with each and every one of you, I would.  Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas, from our family to yours!

With Love,


Stephanie L. Scarcliff, Production Editor

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