Gillette’s Wyoming’s Best Pizza

However you slice it, it’s the quality of composition that really makes a pizza: The dough.  The sauce.  The cheese.  The toppings.  The nature of these ingredients; the way in which they’re layered, married and displayed.  That’s what takes a pizza pie from good to great.  But, what makes it the best?  Just ask Pizza Carrello owners Ariana and Rachel Kalenberg.

Recently, Time online and Money Magazine dubbed their already locally-acclaimed pizza joint, Pizza Carrello, “Wyoming’s Best Pizza”.  Gillette resident, pizza lover and Energy Capital ED’s Mary Melaragno agrees, “It’s really no surprise, Pizza Carrello is the best hands down.  Whenever we have people in town, for work or for pleasure, we always bring them here, and they’re always impressed with not only the food, but with their amazing story!”

It’s true, Carrello’s path to greatness hasn’t been a strait or short one, not by a long shot.  In fact, they started off in a parking lot, slinging pies from a trailer before moving into a small shop with no restroom, little kitchen space and a limited dining area that made it challenging for customers to sit, stay and eat.  But, when passion is met with a commitment to quality ingredients, you toss in a wood-fired oven and some extremely hardworking, pizza-loving visionaries… the result is exceptional pizza and, who doesn’t want a big bite out of that?

Even Movoto, an online real estate platform that explores neighborhoods for prospective home buyers and sellers, sings Pizza Carrello’s praises.  In a gleaming review, they named it one of the 15 Best Wyoming Restaurants.  “Pizza Carrello shows a masterful knowledge on how to combine ingredients and spices to create the perfect toppings-to-sauce-to-crust ratio. One trip here and you’ll agree with the rest that Pizza Carrello’s isn’t one of the best pizza joints in Gillette, it’s just one of the best pizza joints, period.”

If, like me, you think life-changing pizza is an art, then Ariana and Rachel’s team at Pizza Carrello are artists—each and every last one of them.  And, their art?  It’s damn delicious.  Hand-crafted pies showcase whole, fresh foods and each pizza demonstrates a masterful understanding of “what works” to create (and serve) the perfect pizza.

Try this: With garlic-infused olive oil, cream cheese, mozzarella, bacon, jalapeno, cilantro and lime, the Fire Cracker is a fan favorite and menu staple.  But, if ever you have the opportunity to try a Pizza Soppressata—made with organic, fire-roasted red sauce, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, and Italian Soppressata, a thinly sliced cured salami from Southern Italy—take it!  You won’t regret it!  Ask your server for details about Carrello’s featured Pizza of the Week. 

By: Stephanie L. Scarcliff for 82717

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