My kiddo just turned 11 in the spring of this year, which means it’s the last season she’ll have to sit on the sidelines as the tagalong during hunting season.  She’ll get to experience hunting as the hunter next season after she takes hunter safety this winter and applies for her tag in 2019.  Let me tell you, she is stoked. 

It’s something she has been looking forward to since her first hunting trip five years ago.  My husband is pretty excited too, meticulously testing reduced velocity .308 Winchester rounds, and even shopping for a smaller stock to put on it so she can graduate from her own .22 and get some good practice in this fall.

I’m not much of a hunter myself, but I am beyond thrilled that she has such a keen interest.  This is something that she and her step-dad can do together and create lasting memories.  There is so much value in this time-honored tradition beyond the blessing of filling your freezer.

Here are 5 Reasons Hunting Rocks for Kids:

1 : They Learn Gun Safety

This is hands down one of the most positive things that comes from teaching your kids to hunt.  Part of the hunting experience is learning how to properly handle and respect firearms – in turn, taking the mystery away and stifling any misplaced curiosity that could lead to tragedy.

2 : They Spend Time Outdoors & Get A Little Exercise

Getting fresh air and even a little dirty is good for you!  These days, more often than not, a good portion of our time is spent staring at a screen in a room with fluorescent lights.  Recent studies have shown that spending time outdoors is critical for human health, even lowering blood pressure, as well as activating and exercising your senses much more than a phone or a video game ever could.  So, peel your kid off the couch and show them the workout they can get by scouting for an animal or hiking through the woods, and that you don’t have to live in a gym to stay fit!


3 : They Learn Valuable Life Skills

We all want our children to grow into well-rounded adults, and hunting can help your child be more patient and build endurance (when scouting for an animal), as well as learning the art of discipline (in waiting for the perfect moment to take their shot), responsibility and ethics (in the brevity of taking an animal’s life), and dealing with disappointment when things don’t go as planned.

4 : They Learn About Conservation

Hunting is a great privilege, and something humans have been doing for millennia.  When kids hunt, they learn about balance, taking and giving.  It’s an important lesson to learn how to take only what you need.  They also discover that they play an important role in terms of population control, as well as their contribution in funding wildlife conservation when they purchase their tags.

5 : They Grow Up to Be Hunters

You are doing the sport a great service by teaching your child (and future adult hunter) sportsman etiquette and proper hunting skills.  They are the hunters of the future, and you are helping keep the tradition and sport alive by getting them involved early.

So, do yourself and your kid a favor and get them out in the field this fall and make some memories!

By: Candice E. Schlautmann for 82717

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