A letter from the editor of 82717’s kid-friendly July / August 2018 Parents Issue by Stephanie L. Scarcliff

I’m roughly four years and two fabulous children into parenthood, and I must say: I’m wild about my littles (Kimberlyn, ten, and Colter, five).  They’re epic kids.

In case you’ve already done the math, it’s true that neither of “my kids” are, in fact, mine.

That’s right, our family is not perfect.

Like so many others across America, including some families here in Campbell County, Wyoming (maybe in your own neighborhood, on your block, or even just next door), we don’t fit the “normal” mold of what a good, proper Christian family should look like.

Neither my boyfriend nor I drive a mini-van and we most definitely do not have any stick figure families or “my kid’s an honor student” bumper stickers on our cars.      


While we can (and do) respect a more traditional household — you know, the ones with a husband and a wife, their immaculate 2.5 children, and a dog named Spot or Fido — we’re just not those people.  And, that’s okay. 

Our home is filled with love, encouragement, and laughter.  Together, as parents, Anthony and I work to instill a sense of purpose beyond one’s self, build confidence, character, morals, and values.  We set and follow rules, we help each other out, and we make it a point to bow our heads each night at suppertime, and again at bedtime, to thank and give praise to God.   

So, why am I telling you this?

Why share some basic background about myself and my family with you, our readers?  It’s my hope that in doing so I can provide to you some context for what’s become a deeply-rooted and heartfelt understanding and appreciation for this place we call home.

You see, to me, living in Campbell County means more than just a low cost of living and affordable housing options in an excellent school district; it represents family, community, and access.

In the 82717, we are blessed to enjoy high-paying jobs, impeccable facilities, and low taxes.  Not to mention, a continuously-enhanced parenting lifestyle that boasts the best in prenatal and pediatric healthcare (providers and services), as well as regionally-unsurpassed library, recreation, and learning offerings.

There are countless opportunities for Campbell County kids, pre-teens, and teens to become — and remain — engaged in purposeful learning, development, and activities.  Here, our kids receive an education that’s both meaningful and impactful to more than just their futures — but to our economy and the greater community that it supports.

But the work to build a great city to raise — and be — a kid in never ends.  For this reason, I’m glad it’s Wyoming parents in the driver’s seat.

Whether you’re a part-time or full-time parent, a stepparent, bonus parent, adopted parent, grandparent, or any other form of primary caregiver who’s assumed all or some parenting roles, responsibilities, and duties (and also for anyone loving, nurturing, and lending support and guidance to Campbell County youths) … this one’s for you!  I’m humbled and thrilled to present 82717’s first-ever July / August 2018 Parents Issue. 

Inside, you’ll find relevant insights into your kids’ mental and physical health, a guide to local back-to-school shopping that every parent who believes in supporting local should read, mom-fails to make you laugh, dad hacks to make #parentlife just a little bit easier, kid-friendly events, restaurants, sporting, and learning opportunities, and so much more.

Let me tell you: Raising two well-adjusted and respectful kiddos in the fast-moving, overstimulated, instant gratification-seeking age of today is not easy.  Perhaps, it’s even especially challenging for those parents who, like me, either have children with special needs or children who share time between two (very different) homes and families.  This month, our magazine is dedicated to Campbell County families of every shape, size, and form, and to the cool kids we love to watch grow and explore.

As parents, we’re constantly learning and innovating new ways to make — and keep — our kids happy, and without entirely screwing them up (too much). 

If I’ve learned anything from my time as a Wyoming parent, it’s this: If you work hard and dream big, anything is possible in Gillette.

I want our city to be our kids’ safest, happiest, most creative and inspiring place; the unique spot where they feel comfortable figuring out who they are as people; what, who, and how to love.

Whatever your family’s goals and aspirations are for your children, it’s my sincere hope that this issue helps you to achieve them.   

Grab your mom or dad juice, parents.  You deserve it.





Stephanie L. Scarcliff
Proud Parent and Production Editor, 82717 Life Magazine

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