Check out 82717’s curated list of must-have products that are the epitome of Western Class. The best part, they are all locally available!

Magpie Designs

It’s said that a canvas tote bag is the most versatile bag you will ever own: they can be used as shopping bags, laptop bags, gym bags, you can pack snacks in them for a trip to the lake, and so much more.  This cute canvas tote bag, from the Apron Tote Bag design series by Trixie & Milo comes in the Golden Eagle Farm Supplies style.  Canvas bags produce less carbon, waste, and byproducts than cotton or paper bags.  Plus they’re recyclable!  Because we don’t let things just go to waste around here.  Bonus: we think you’ll find they’re perfect for carrying around your books, such as The Disappeared.

TLC Liquor
Wyoming Whiskey Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

Imported all the way from Kirby, Wyoming: home of the first legal distillery to open in the state when Wyoming Whiskey first opened in 2009, Small Batch Bourbon is a wheated variety described as having prominent notes of brown sugar, caramel, slightly spicy oak, and vanilla.  To the nose, the heat of the 88 proof bourbon can be surprising, but on the palate the heat isn’t nearly as prominent.  The palate produces a significant sweetness pertaining to butterscotch, and some baking spices which further back up hints of grassy or floral flavors.  Nothing says Western Class more than sipping on Wyoming bourbon after dinner by an outdoor fire.  Get yours at TLC Liquor.
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C.J. Box’s The Disappeared

Reviewers emphasize Box’s masterfully-developed characters and tightly-crafted storytelling with surprising twists and turns in the most recent installment to the Joe Pickett series.  According to, “Wyoming’s new governor isn’t sure what to make of Joe Pickett, but he has a job for him that is extremely delicate.”  The 18th addition to the series, its environmental themes persuades fans that in The Disappeared Box takes his readers back to the earliest Pickett books.  You can find this roots novel at downtown Gillette’s finest art gallery and bookstore, Rapport, owned by 82717 Contributor Sarah Ferguson!

Tin Wagon Boutique

Headlining our western accessories of choice is this leather accent belt, set with large bronze conchos and handmade in Texas from genuine leather.  With conchos sized 4” X 3.5”, it’ll be hard to miss this bronze statement piece!  Pair it with a tan-colored genuine leather wrist cuff emblazoned with a bronze concho.  Finally, captivate the essence of this look by donning the single strand bone and bronze necklace with matching earring set.

Thar's Feed and Ranch Supply
Stingray Barrel Saddle

According to Martin Saddlery’s website, this Stingray style saddle is for the rider who prefers a reasonably vertical ride, but secure deep seat in training, exercise, and fierce competition.  “By keeping the hips and knees at ergonomically correct angles at the slower stages of the horse’s gait and letting you sit deeper at high rates of speed, it keeps you on the cantle and behind the jerk of the horse’s stride or stop … boosting confidence and improving performance.”  Gullet Height: 8.25".  Cantle Height: 4".  Horn Height: Crown C Horn 3-1/4" Straight, Small Horn 3-1/2" Angled, Cutter Horn 4" Angled. Horn Cap: 2". Tree Sizes: 12.5", 13", 13.5", 14", 14.5", and 15".  Display stand not included.
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4T Pawn
1980 Colt Python

A .357 caliber, 6 shot with a 2.5” nickel finish barrel and Pachmayr grips, this exceptional handgun is sought after by shooters and collectors alike.  Valued for features such as the barrel’s slight taper toward the muzzle, which largely lends to accuracy, and the fact that it was built on a .41 magnum frame, the strength of which reduces recoil and increased overall stability of the gun.  Not to mention the level of expensive hand-finishing involved in its manufacturing, which ultimately led to the revolver’s discontinuation in 1999.  Experience the craftsmanship of a 20th century classic handgun.
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