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6 Mocktails

… so smooth your Midwest summertime soirée’ers won’t know what hit ‘em.

Mocktail Me Crazy…

Mocktails mustn’t be boring, darlings.  Here’s the proof: Excite your palate and impress your guests—all summer long—with these six funky/fresh mocktail recipes from our resident (ex)bartender on staff—me.

Mocktails 101: A History Lesson

Mocktails, or non-alcoholic cocktails, are on the rise—at my house, at least.  It’s a Mocktail Revolution, people, and it only continues to grow (at mí casa, and beyond) as more restaurant and party-goers—and after-school special snacktime connoisseurs—ask for fun, booze-free libations.

The word, born from a smashing together of “mock” plus “cocktail”, has evolved from its simple origins of Shirley Temples, Roy Rodgers, and frozen piña coladas (hold the rum), to include a vast expanse of sip-worthy liquid concoctions you’re going to want to wrap those sleek, tan hands around this summer!

Not just for kids

Clearly, there’s a market for mocktails that goes far beyond pregnant women and the underaged; as top restaurateurs across the nation—from coast to coast and everywhere in between—jump on the mocktail bandwagon, offering mocktail menus and pairings.

This summer, let these six easy, introductory mocktail recipes swipe even your mother-in-law (she is your toughest critic, after all) off her feet!   

Easy Double-Berry Splash

A cold, refreshing non-alcoholic drink made from store-bought cranberry punch on ice, accentuated with fresh mint and fresh, sliced strawberries, lime and orange garnish.  Refined elegance at its best.  Drink this! 

Rocky Mountain Nojo

Muddle mint, lime juice, and agave.  Pour over ice.  Top with a splash of blood orange purée.  Fill glass to brim with soda water.  Garnish with mint sprig.  Bonus points for optional lime wedge garnish. 

Simple Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade

Mix frozen raspberry lemonade concentrate with 3 cups of cold water, or as indicated on package. Combine equal parts raspberry lemonade mixture and sparkling grape juice.  Float lemon wheel.  Garnish with fresh raspberries. 

Cool & Spicy Agua

Sweet cucumber jalapeño mint infused water is fun, flavorful, and healthy.  Did you know that cucumbers help to reduce bloating, jalapeños increase your internal temperature and metabolism, and mint can help with digestion and relieve headaches?  Add sliced cucumber sans seeds, half a de-seeded jalapeño, and a sprig of mint leaves to a large Ball Jar.  Chill for 24-hrs.

Perfectly Pink Grapefruit Virgin Mojito

Admittedly, I’m a little obsessed with pink grapefruits lately.  Here’s the best from recent adventures into squeezed pink grapefruit bliss: Muddle a teaspoon of raw cane sugar (or raw honey) with mint and a lime wedge. Add ¼ cup freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice and a half cup sparkling water (I like Lacroix), stir, fill glass with ice.  Garnish with lime, mint leaf sprig. 

Hibiscus Palmer

A fresh, floral, and truly beautiful take on the more traditional Arnold Palmer, which combines lemonade with regular iced tea, this drink combines equal parts lemonade and hibiscus iced tea (in that order) in a pint glass or Collins, over ice (not stirred).  Garnish with lemon.   Not pictured, but too damn good not to mention.

Summer, well-served

Whether you’re in the market for a fun faux-cocktail option for your children, your pregnant best friend, your mother-in-law, your non-drinking buddy, yourself (hey, no shame), or your DD… these tasty non-alcoholic spritzers, blended and mixed drinks are sure to please! Try them, enjoy them! 

Cheers, to a spectacular summer in the 82717! 

By: Stephanie L. Scarcliff for 82717

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