Amazing Weekend Getaway: While you can find a nearby rodeo or festival nearly every weekend this summer in any number of Wyoming towns, you can also make your own fun! And, getting out of dodge has never been easier, or more affordable. Now, doesn’t that sound like… well… fun?! If your nodding ‘yes’, we (totes) agree. So, whether you’re looking for a geared-up mountain adventure, a sweet little city escape, or just some good old R&R, we’ve got you covered with a top pick for all of the above, and everything in between!


Aspen’s Less Obnoxious Big Brother

Authentic, unpretentious, refined, cultured, and effortlessly cool. This summer, discover one of Colorado’s most clandestine resort towns tucked away back in the San Juan Mountains at 8,750 feet above sea level.

Perhaps, Telluride is best known for its internationally-acclaimed ski slopes, or maybe it’s Tim McGraw’s namesake country song, or the fleet of Hollywood A-Listers who call it home, including celebrities like Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey, Ralph Lauren, Robert Redford, Jerry Seinfeld, and countless others.


No matter what draws you to want to explore this picturesque, laid-back mountain town; upscale— yet incredibly down-to-earth—Telluride is well worth the less than 10-hour car trek southwest. Thanks in part to its designation as one of only some 2,500 National Historic Landmark Districts in the U.S., the town’s maintained its chic physique since gaining its NHL title in 1961. Dubbed one of the most important places associated with American mining, the township takes great pride in representing such an exceptional chapter of our nation’s history. As such, historic buildings and storefronts like Hall’s Hospital, now home to the Telluride Historical Museum, and the Sheridan Opera House, a performing arts venue originally built in 1913, have been restored and maintained in accordance with each structures’ architectural roots. The result?



A free gondola connects Telluride with neighboring Mountain Village, a pedestrian-friendly, world-class ski and golf community boasting 5-star cuisine, lodging, and shopping (among other things) at 9,500 feet.

There, in the Mile-High State’s southwest corner, Telluride reigns:



Perhaps best known for its celebrity locals and weekends filled with action-packed outdoor adventure, that’s not all Telluride has to offer. In fact, it’s made a name for itself as an internationally renowned venue for exceptional arts and music festivals, as well as endless entertainment offerings — all served up with a heaping side of the idyllic mountain town’s signature quirky, local (but, not ‘locals only’) flavor.

And, at just six blocks wide and twelve blocks long, the elevated town may seem small in size, but it’s big on year0round fun! For this reason and many more, Telluride takes the cake at the top of our 2018 summer weekend getaway list for its larger than life festival and seasonal events, and its oh-so-many other recreational (and experiential) outdoor offerings.

Performer Maciej Motek plays with fire at Telluride Fire Festival, by Nicko Ferguson. @nickosdreams


What’s up next on Telluride’s stacked events calendar? There’s so much to choose from! How about the Telluride Literary Arts Festival, May 18-20; the Mountainfilm Festival, May 25-29; Telluride (Hot Air) Balloon Festival, June 1-3; and the Telluride WOW Festival, June 7-10.

Plan ahead to attend such legendary annual events as the 45th Annual Telluride Bluegrass (Music) Festival, June 21-24; Telluride Wine Festival, June 28-July 1; Telluride Blues & Brews Festival, September 14-16; and the Telluride Fire Festival, Dec. 7-9.


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By: Stephanie L. Scarcliff for 82717

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