Light Stalking The Coolest Little Spaces

True Confession:  I’ve been keeping something – a deep, dark decorating secret – from all of you.  But, I’m finally ready to come clean.  Because, the best things in life are truly meant to be shared.

My secret?  For the better part of 2018, I’ve been drawing gobs of design inspiration from a complete and total stranger.  Yup, I’ve never even met the gal.  But don’t judge me all at once now, people.  Need I remind you… it was just last year when pop megastar Adele openly and rather publically fangirled all over Beyoncé at the Grammys.    

This is a lot like that, in a way.  In fact, it’s felt a bit like “Christmas in July” for me.  Except it’s March.  And, no one else is celebrating (yet).

So, who’s my new, top secret, super-talented design muse?  A sexy lil mamacita named Caiti.  And, Caiti is killing it right now… at the ripe age of 29. 

It’s stupid fun to watch.

Meet Caiti Jackson a Gillette-based entrepreneur, professional photographer, and photography blogger who’s recently relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Caiti is also the founder of a social media community called Memoirs of Motherhood, a support system of mothers for mothers; a content creator for apps and platforms endorsed by health and fitness lifestyle coach, fitness model, and Fitmark Ambassador Lais DeLeon; a loving wife (hubby: Jake), and mother of two (big brother: Isaac, age 4; and wild child: Tyler, age 3), among a host of other things. 


Jake & Caiti This happily married couple’s home is under 250 square-feet and on wheels.  Together, the adventure-seeking duo is hitting the streets in a 20-year-old bus (more or less) with two toddlers, and one shared dream: to live life “in this van down by the river…” (so-to-speak) “… for as long as we can,” says Caiti. 

Although originally based locally, the flexibility of her work as a photographer and Jake’s work in insurance — accompanied by the perfect and compact travel size ages of their two young children — is what made it possible for the Jackson fam to answer when the open road came calling.

Most recently, this fun family has been “camping out” in the Midwest’s warmer weather states like New Mexico and Arizona, as well as the sandy beaches of Puerto Peñasco, or “Rocky Point”, Mexico, a fishing and resort city on the Gulf of California. 

Where are they heading next?

Who knows!?  The truth is, it doesn’t matter which direction they’re heading, because Caiti’s online content is the shining star of this story.  She posts on everything from children’s health and qualms to downsizing and cleaning, making time for what’s most important in life (family), as well as the importance of remembering to stop and share a moment – or a cup of java – with your partner.  Her sleek, snazzy content includes impeccably curated moments shared between her and their children — somehow caught on film — to hilarious, candid banter on their transition into RV life, first-hand accounts of their journey, insightful self-reflection, and more. 

But, it’s not so much what she’s saying, or talking about, or even what their family is doing that make her pages so effortlessly appealing and engaging… It’s her perspective and framing, of both the images and their comments, on whatever’s being said and done… that will completely hook you.

She’s mesmerizing.

As a mother, wife, businesswomen, and artist… Caiti knows what’s up. 

I love her wildly unassuming beauty and overall plucky attitude; embracing a healthy, realistic, and positive way to approach (and appreciate) life, family, and an entirely neo-traditional “home” construct (that works).  Truthfully, it’d be hard for anyone not to love her.  Allow me to explain.

Full-time RV family.

Caiti says the main reasons why she and her family decided to sell their house and live in an RV are pretty simple: more time together, ease of travel (the ability to roam), the opportunity for financial gains (pay off debt, save money), to live the less is more mentality they believe in, reduce their carbon footprint (she’s truly a devout mother-lover in more ways than one), and to offer their children an expanse of world schooling opportunities. 

“Probably the best part about living in 250-square feet is that it only takes about half an hour to clean my house (from) top to bottom.” – Caiti Jackson

Caiti shares she’s even surprised by how much of a difference the little cosmetic changes (they’re making) can make, and stresses the importance of working to make any space feel more and more your own.

Now, if you’re anything like me – frequent HGTV and binge-watch DIY Network like it’s nobody’s business — I’m willing to bet big money that you’ve thought about doing one or more of the following at least once: living tiny, making your house more Airbnb-able, installing the DIY barn door (or hanging porch swing) of your dreams, going completely off the grid, profiting from the purchase and (incredibly easy and affordable) self-renovation of a crazy cheap “fixer upper”, and/or actually winning the HGTV Dream Home.

In reality, though, who does that?  I mean, c’mon.  Let’s be real.  If given the time, means, and abilities necessary to travel the nation with your family in a two-decade-old RV for an indefinite amount of time, would you have the grit and audacity to even attempt it?  For me, the jury’s still out. 

Would you?

The truth is, it’s easier to think about doing something like this than it is to actually try and do it.

Still, we like the idea of it so much that we become more and more drawn to it, oftentimes inexplicably — like a moth to a flame.  Subsequently, we sometimes cling to the unlikely prospect – that maybe, eventually we’ll do it.  It follows, that we would take a unique interest in (and rally behind) those brave souls who are really doing those things that (we like to think) we wish we could be doing, but likely will never do (or even attempt to).



Why do we enjoy living vicariously through the lives of others on social media?  Perhaps, that’s a question for another day.  Today, I’ll share instead why I’m of the opinion that Caiti’s life’s journeys add value to the lives of her followers, myself included.

Peppered throughout the posts of her feed are special thoughts and engagements for those “friends” she doesn’t actually know (like me), giving her page a gritty accessibility, which is as unexpected as it is enjoyable.  Her family, photography, and

RV can be described in just 5 Words:  Adorable.  Relatable.  Beautiful.  Genuine.  Inspired.  And, every life can use a little more of some of that.  Consider adding and following Caiti on any of her various personal or professional profiles and pages from across multiple social platforms such as IG, Fb, and Pinterest, etc.  We’ve included how you too can find, friend, and join in on her family’s adventures below (from afar and in a non-creepy way, people).

@caitijacksonphoto | @memoirsofmotherhood | @memoirsmotherhood | @laisdeleon |

I’m pretty sure Caiti’s Gillette/New Mexico/the world’s next micro-influencer in the making – or at least she should be.   

You could always take my word for it, but you might as well find out for yourself.  Join me (and, presumably, oodles and oodles of other like-minded, light stalkers/inspiration-finders) in adding and following the beauty that is Caiti’s life, family, and work.  In the market for a Facebook friend that doubles as an interior design inspiration?

Get the Look

Take home Caiti & Jake’s cool, rustic style and make it your own with these fresh and affordable picks inspired by the wandering duo’s own curated design choices.

Rustic Lighting

There’s so much to love about the reclaimed style and effortlessly chic design of this beautifully crafted Thornton 1 Light (indoor) Wall Sconce in aged bronze finish with antique clear glass by Craftmade.  ($62

Punchy Patterns

Add some desert vibes with this Cactus Mural wallpaper print by Anewall.  Details include punchy and vibrant, green cactus pattern design and smooth, matte finish.  150” x 108”.  Set includes six panels.  Accent walls speak volumes.  ($419

Simple Splash

Affordable, simple, and striking White Thassos Marble Tile backsplash in Big Brick Pattern with polish finish give any kitchen a high-end sophistication and timeless look.  Sheet size: 12” x 12”.  ($20


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