Get organized and maximize your home’s potential with these quick and easy space-saving hacks. 


You don’t have to live in a motorhome or a tiny house to know that living small has its disadvantages.  Although living in a wee place can be a challenge, it’s made easy with a few fresh ideas and a creative outlook.  Now, anyone can make the most out of even the tiniest space. 

Ready to get started, but don’t know where to begin?  You lucky dog… We’re here to help!  Get organized and maximize your home’s true potential with a whopping handful of quick and easy space-saving hacks from 82717. 

Get excited!  You’re just five tricks away from creating a stress-free, clutter-free living space, and with very little work at all (after all, that’s how we like it – am I right?).   

Here are 5 Smart Organizing Ideas to help you make the most of your small spaces:

1. The Hook Up

Use hooks on the side wall of a closet to hang your belts, toggle necklaces, and assorted miscellaneous items.  Or, place hooks inside of a coat closet to hang loose, bottom of the coat closet-type items like hats, bags, scarves, mittens, umbrellas, etc.  Bonus: Hang oven mitts and lightweight cutting boards on hooks strategically placed on the inside of kitchen cabinet doors.

2. File Away

File away, file away.  Use a file sorter (extra points for not stealing this from the office) to store and display wallets, clutches, and other, smaller slouch satchels and crossbody handbags.  Place your adorable and organized clutch-filled file sorter on a beautiful built-in for all to see or in plain sight on an accessible closet shelf.  Bonus: A friendly file sorter can also be used as a pretty makeup palette organizer!

3. Limit It

If you limited (your clutter and) home purchases to those items that you actually used and needed, the possibilities for storage in your open living spaces could potentially be limitless!  So, skip the full set purchases, already.  Seriously.  Quit over-buying, period.  Because, who actually uses all the knives in an 18-piece block set... pots and pans in a 15-piece cookware set... or 51-pieces of flatware from a 51-piece flatware set?  Spend the same amount of time and money on the few key pieces you do use.  Hassle (and an excess of things to store) averted! 

4. Stair Space

Sometimes necessity inspires both opportunity and originality.  When you’re short on space in your living space, make every last nook and cranny count!  In order to make the most out of the extremely limited space in a modern Brooklyn loft, HGTV decorator Brian Flynn added a custom workstation to that little-utilized, often awkward, leftover space underneath a staircase. 

5. Recycle Chic

Repurpose and reuse whenever and wherever possible.  Make a game out of finding the most ingenuous and unlikely reuses for random household items.  Loser does the dishes!  Hint: Try reusing the glass from that fancy candle your Aunt gave you at Christmas and refill it with various, smaller items like make-up brushes or Q-Tips inside the medicine cabinet. 

Smart organizing ideas help you to make the most of your small spaces and get back to living (and drinking, ayo) in them.  Have a nifty organizing hack to share?  At 82717, we care!  Tell us all your space-saving secrets at or @82717LifeMag on IG, Twitter, and Fb.  And, they may be included in a future issue.


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